Enterprise Smart Mapping (ESM)

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ESM provides real time mapping information of GTAA's terminals, airfields, leased spaces, and baggage systems.

Data Conversion

The Data Conversion Module effortlessly merges data from varied sources such as DGN and BIM, ensuring data uniformity and streamlined access.

Data Maintenance & Updates

The Data Maintenance & Updates Module offers users versatile tools for maintaining and updating spatial data. This consistent refreshment of data empowers users to make informed decisions in real-time.

Role-Based User Access

The Role-Based User Access Module creates a safe environment. Using Windows credentials, users are ensured data integrity and role-specific access privileges.

MRF Mobile Apps & Web Maps

The MRF Mobile Apps & Web Maps Module brings the airport design and reporting features directly to users. Whether viewing in 2D or 3D or reporting asset problems via mobile devices, every essential data point is accessible with ease.