Anti-Racism Policy

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MRF Geosystems Corporation (collectively, "MRF", "we", "us", and "our") is an organization committed to:

  • The elimination of racism and all forms of discrimination by identifying and eliminating the barriers that may prevent MRF employees, suppliers, and customers from participating fully in MRF's business activities;
  • The principles of equity for all races, languages, faiths and cultures reflected in the organization's policies, procedures and relations with staff, customers, and suppliers;
  • Increasing awareness of and appreciation for the racial, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity of Canada;
  • Promoting through all of its processes, practices and structures, an environment which is free of discrimination and bias.

MRF acknowledges its responsibility to:

  • Provide an environment which is free of racism, sexism, discrimination and bias, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity;
  • Provide an anti-racism policy that outlines the organization's commitments to and expectations of its staff, together with a complaint procedure to address any perceived violations.