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We help solve common to complex workflow, coordination, and information management problems using GIS software and systems integration.

We do this by dedicating ourselves first to understanding the issues you are experiencing and then applying innovative combinations of our comprehensive spatial technologies.


Hosted by MRF, spatial data can be accessed through a Web-based map server using the most popular web browsers. This can be accessed through a desktop or mobile device. There are no installations required.

MRF GIS Solutions

Apart from the products, MRF has invented  and invested in IT solutions where GIS meets other technologies and platforms. These solutions include: Indoor Positioning, Asset Inspection, Emergency Notification, LiDAR 360, GIS-SAP Integration, GIS solutions for municipalities, and many more.

MRF Mobile

MRF Mobile is a lite mobile interface for MRF Web. MRF Mobile supports Windows, Android & iOS mobile platforms. This is used for various applications such as: field asset inspection for municipalities, field users in oil & gas, and pipeline industries.


Cloud Computing


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