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MRF offers a wide range of GIS products and solutions as showcased below.



MRF Web Server can be accessed using the most popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, iOS Safari, and Mozilla Firefox on desktop and mobile devices). No installation is required.

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HTML5 Map Server
MRF Mobile

MRF Mobile (Windows)

MRF Mobile is a windows application that directly connects to MRF Web. This provides a faster & smoother interface to GIS data and layers. Once the user creates their own version of the MRF Web as a Map Server with Spatial Data, all data on the Map Server can be accessed seamlessly.

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MRF Mobile (Android)

The MRF Collector App is designed to work on a cell phone or tablet and is used in vehicles such as graders and mowers. The application allows users to update issues and concerns regarding road conditions, sign conditions, obstacles and hazards. Users can also see recent activity of roads traveled on. In addition, the application will notify the operator (e.g. mower) of upcoming obstacles such as culverts or rocks. Work-Alone functionality can also be integrated.


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HTML5 Map Server
Emergency Notification

MRF Web - Document Management Extension

Manage your documents from directly within your enterprise GIS by attaching them to your physical assets.


Retrieve plans, inspections, work orders, etc. by selecting locations on a map, as well as by searching keywords or unique identifiers.


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MRF Web - Emergency Notification Extension

The Emergency Notification extension for MRF Web allows users to prepare and send mass notifications in minutes, making it ideal for emergency notifications.


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MRF Web - LiDAR 360 Extension

LiDAR 360 Extension

MRF’s LiDAR overlay adds 3D location to familiar navigable 360° panoramic images.

Accurately measure distances, heights, and areas directly on the image.

Capture GIS features by simply tracing them.


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MRF Web - Video Inspection Extension

The Video inspection Extension adds georeferenced videos to the MRF Web Map Server.


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MRF Web - Work Alone Safety Extension

The Work Alone Safety Extension  provides industry best value with an extensive feature set and flexible configuration options.


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MRF Sprayer Map

How do you ensure that you are applying herbicide and/or pesticide to the entire desired area while avoiding areas where these chemicals are prohibited, restricted, or just undesired?

After you have applied these chemicals how can you prove where they were applied and where they were NOT applied?


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