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About MRF GeoSystems

We help solve common to complex workflow, coordination, and information management problems using GIS software and systems integration.

We do this by dedicating ourselves first to understanding the issues you are experiencing and then applying innovative combinations of our comprehensive spatial technologies.


Founded in 1992, MRF has delivered industry-leading spatial solutions to more than 6,000 customers in over 40 countries worldwide.


MRF currently offers:

Full-Featured WebGIS Platform

Mobile GIS Apps

Sensor Integration

GIS Consulting

  • Custom software development

  • Systems Integration

“MRF’s advanced GIS technologies offer innovative solutions to its customers at competitive costs.” – ASTech Foundation

Consulting Services

MRF GeoSystems provide OnSite or OffSite IT/GIS Consultancy to organizations who needs experts in specific technological fields. Such services are availble at hourly rate or based on a statement of work issued with a fixed price. The work is carried out by a designated GIS Specialist or by MRF GeoSystems team if it is a fixed price based project contract offered to MRF.

MRF's team has expertise in a wide-range of GIS and Non-GIS technologies deriving from over 25-35 years of individual based experiences. They are capable of providing the most optimal, efficient, state of the art solution to an existing problem(s).

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